James Frasché


I go by Jimmy. I was born in Eureka, CA but have lived many places. I think math, science, and engineering are important—but no more or less than the arts and the humanities. Good technology is in service to people.


I have worked as a developer with Morse Media for many years, creating web sites, large to small, simple to complex, for the few or for the many.

Working with the web platform at Morse Media is satisfying as it is sometimes science, sometimes art, often both, and always for the community. I am passionate about making web sites accessible to anyone regardless of ability.


Mostly I consume—books, papers, lectures, films—but sometimes I create, mostly tinkering or writing a small program for myself. Or just finding a math problem that I can play with for a few weeks. Sometimes I contribute to open source. My code portfolio is on GitHub, which is the full extent of my social media presence.